Does flexibility mean safety? The Rise and Rise of NAV

brickfieldBy brickfield09/01/20201 Minute
Brickfield Fund Finance Recruitment Insights

Recruiting has always been a relationship business, and there are few other industries that rely on tangible, long term relationships as the basis for long term growth like Fund Finance.

But understanding market movements is crucial in securing your future. Our founder, Rory Smith, has built an effective recruitment business on understanding market movements, and what he’s seen recently is a rise in flexible fund raising options, specifically via NAV facilities, in firms who have successfully navigated the unique pressures of credit access, corporate restructuring and investments this Summer.

Since March of this year the Fund Finance market has been remarkably resilient in the face of huge changes. We’ve seen steady, sustainable capital calls across the board and firms remain buoyant throughout. But flexibility in access to credit has become more important. What NAV gives you is options – and as we’ve seen this year many markets have reeled from COVID-19, but not so at Fund level. My discussions with Asset Managers over the last few weeks have been enormously positive and firms are seeking candidates with more and more NAV experience. With so many firms taking their hiring freezes off ice, we’re well set to support any client as they expand their flexible Fund Finance options.

In such a growth-orientated market, it’s important to have a recruitment partner who can be part of that growth.