Fund finance recruitment in 2022: A busy market ahead

brickfieldBy brickfield01/23/20223 Minutes

The fund finance industry had a bumper year in 2021, with demand continuing to grow for fund financing products, especially NAV loans and ESG-linked facilities. This trend is set to continue in 2022, especially with the pandemic expected to enter a less virulent phase this Spring.

Increasing demand on both sides

So what does this mean when it comes to finding the right people needed to grow a fund finance team in this burgeoning market? Sourcing talent internally has become an increasingly tough task for law firms, banks, funds and alternative lenders over the last 12 months. Brickfield is seeing a growing demand for quality candidates, particularly in the US and UK markets, along with continued high interest from fund finance professionals with changing expectations that both candidates and recruiting firms need to navigate.

This situation is very much reflective of the global recruitment market as a whole. In this climate, Brickfield has found that its in-depth knowledge and experience – which is based on the development of close working relationships at a personal level with every client and every candidate – has given its clients a significant edge over those opting to work entirely in-house or with those not specialised with the recruitment process.

Accessing the entire talent market

This is down to Brickfield’s unique position as the only talent search company devoted 100% to fund finance, with unprecedented breadth and depth of contacts across the entire industry – at all levels and in all specialist disciplines. If you are the leader of an expanding fund finance team looking to bring new talent on board, every candidate presented by Brickfield will be a known quantity drawn from a pool of elite talent. Brickfield will in turn communicate your expectations to candidates based on an equally well-founded relationship. This saves each party considerable time and avoids potential blind alleys.

For candidates, developing a career path in fund finance with Brickfield means that not only do they have instant awareness of potential new roles and opportunities, but also a business partner that closely monitors the pulse of the market and ensures they are the most informed and well-prepared candidates in the fund finance industry.

If you are at a bank, law firm, fund or alternative lender actively expanding your fund finance operation with experienced, top-tier talent, or if you are planning such expansion in 2022, Brickfield would like to hear from you. Likewise, if you are a fund finance professional looking to find a new challenge this year, get in touch.