Brickfield speaks at the Fund Finance Association Virtual Symposium

brickfieldBy brickfield11/20/20202 Minutes

Brickfield Recruitment sincerely thanks the Fund Finance Association of the invitation to participate in week’s Fund Finance Association Virtual Symposium, and putting on a top-drawer event that brought the industry together at a critical time of change and challenge.

Brickfield’s founder Rory Smith was given the opportunity to present an overview of the recruitment and hiring trends he and Brickfield have identified in the fund finance industry over the last year, with the positive news that they did not identify any withdrawals from recruiting banks and firms due to COVID-19, and the quick adoption of the market to new virtual hiring and workplace norms, as well as a continuation of aggressive lending leading in increased headcount needs.

He also provided insights into the key global markets. The US is still very much open for business on the hiring front and more players expected on the market soon, with interest concentrated still in NY but Boston and the West Coast showing increased activity.

In London, meanwhile, corporate-level headcount restrictions are making it slower than usual for lenders to hire despite considerable demand for talent, and new participants are also appearing here, with major accounting fims making their entrance.

In Asia, aggressive headcount growth appears to be on the menu for 2021, but much will depend on COVID-19 and attendant travel restrictions.

Rory also addressed diversity in the fund finance sector, highlighting initiatives underway at the Fund Finance Association and within banks and law firms all aiming to increase the number of female participants in the industry.